She was born in Spring of 2001, probably March. I scraped her off the road on the entrance to 581 when she was about 5-6 weeks old. She had been hit by a car, was in shock, but still alive. We think she was wild born, and had never seen a human before. We believe her mother was another road kill seen not long after. She was a very special kitty. She loved Rufus and Isabelle; they were her special babies.

Abigail was our first Calico Cat. She would not let us pet her until she was about 6 months old. It was like a dramatic realization that people could do nice things for her--like petting. After that she became very demanding about laps, especially when I sat in my recliner in the living room. That was Abigail's chair, whenever I sat in it; and my lap belonged to her whenever I sat there. She would jump and and proceed to try several different positions, often pushing her head down into my lap to get comfortable. We called that "standing on her head"; it was quite characteristic of her. After she began to accept petting, she decided she liked belly rubs. So whenever she saw us and wanted attention, she would roll on her back and show her belly. And as soon as one started to give her a belly rub, she'd purr and then suddenly grab the hand and bite and kick. She thought this was great fun. This often happened at the breakfast table. She wanted to be the center of attention. She was about 1 year old when the kittens moved in--Rufus and Isabelle. While the rest of the kitties were not at all pleased, Abigail was thrilled, and adopted them as her babies. That closeness remained all these years, as the babies grew into substantial kitties. Both Rufus and Isabelle were frequently seen cuddled up to "Aunt Abby", asking her to wash them, which she would always do.

Abigail and Isabelle

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